Life Imitates Art? Mesmerizing Video Shows How Tennis Balls Are Made

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In an oddly mesmerizing video on its Facebook page, Life & Art Collection has posted how Penn tennis balls are made. Thankfully, although everything is completely automated, the manufacturing staff clearly wear all necessary health and safety precautionary clothing and breathing mechanisms, while monitoring and doing product inspections. And all of this happens for the sake of producing a great toy for Bowser to chase around, or a great toy for his owner to try and smash across a court!

The tennis ball manufacturing process video has an upbeat soundtrack and a caption that reads, quite simply, “How tennis balls are made…” Giving the viewers a backend view on the making of a seemingly everyday item, the video has garnered more than two million views since its posting on February 27. And we’re not the only ones that felt it was a bit soothing to watch. Comments ranged from jokes about doggie chew toys to how complicated the process was, to statements such as this: “…something about this is oddly relaxing…”

Each person that commented on Life & Art Collection’s post had something positive to say – some even noting not the automation, but the staffing requirements, commenting on how unions made it happen. For such a simple product, it goes through quite a number of steps before it’s transformed from large rubber crumbs into a bouncing ball complete with glued felt and Penn stamping on its outer cover. The whole process from start to finish is filmed in one minute and forty-seven seconds.