Mess with Texas, Answer to Matthew McConaughey

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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s anti-littering campaign and its trademark of ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ went to new levels in this never-before-seen ad.

Posted on YouTube by jmandouble0seven, the description of this video reads, “This is the commercial I did with Matthew McConaughey in 2000. I’m the guy who gets shot with the blowdart. It got limited airplay because the ‘powers that be’ thought it was too violent so they banned it from TV.”

While it’s hard to see what exactly could be considered so violent about this commercial, the use of a blowdart probably did it. However, it’s a fantastic take on the ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ campaign that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department created which also featured spots with Willie Nelson and a few Dallas Cowboys players.

I’m not sure who in their right mind would litter in the beautiful Hill Country, but maybe if they imagine Matthew McConaughey waiting in the shrubs with excellent blowdart aim, they’ll think twice.

You may have seen this ad around as the user also states that “it aired before rated R movies for a while in theaters,” but if not, then enjoy one of our favorite Texans taking care of littering business.