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Meteor Over Texas Caught on Weatherford PD Dash Cam

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Was it a bird? Was it a plane? None of the above apparently, but a glorious looking fireball of a meteor was witnessed this past weekend, and it caused quite a stir! On Sunday, February 26, folks in several parts of the Lone Star State reported seeing a spectacular meteor. Dash cam video of the amazing fireball that lit up the sky just before 9 p.m. was released by the Weatherford Police Department, confirming what many people were talking about.

Appearing to be directly over the state of Texas, the American Meteor Society received 40 reports of the incident, most of which came from our beloved state, and some from as far as Colorado. On their YouTube channel, the Weatherford PD released Officer Tiffany Vanzant’s dash cam video captioned as follows: “We would like to share another cool video with everyone that was captured on one of our patrol car video systems last night. Around 8:55 PM, Officer Tiffany Vanzant was driving westbound in the 800 block of Fort Worth Highway (US 180 East) toward the Parker County Courthouse. As she was traveling over the viaduct she observed a large meteor streaking across the skyline directly over the top of the Courthouse. Officer Vanzant had a front row seat to a truly spectacular sight and thanks to her in-car camera and a little movie making magic, we want to share it with everyone. It is important to note that there were no space aliens hurt in the making of this video!”

Coupled with a sonic boom, the sound from this meteor was reported from people in Abilene, Snyder, and Clairemont, Texas, many of which described it as the sound a transformer would make when it fails, or similar to a noise from a jet. The Weatherford PD have said the officer who witnessed the fireball was going west on Highway 180 towards the Parker County Courthouse, and passing over the viaduct, she saw the meteor as it streaked across the sky immediately over the courthouse. Appearing for approximately three seconds of a 59 second video (at regular speed), it really was quite an amazing thing to witness.


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