The Iconic Mexican Lotería Game Gets a Millennial Update

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The beloved Mexican Lotería game played during the holidays, celebrations, and just for fun at Abuelita’s (grandma’s) house has received a modernized updated version. Mike Alfaro, a writer, and creative director of Guatemalan descent from Los Angeles, California decided it was time to give the game a millennial update.

In an interview with  Vivalathe 29-year-old shared that after a visit to his family in Guatemala, where he has fond memories playing the game, he realized how dated the cards looked. “I think Latino women don’t just wanna be La Dama, they would identify more with La Feminist. If you’ve ever been to Coachella or gone on Snapchat, you probably relate more to La Flower Crown than La Corona,” Alfaro shared.



Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Mexican Lotería can be compared to American bingo except for this version is animated with drawings instead of numbers. Lotería means “lottery” in Spanish.

With its history dating back to the 15th century, its roots can be traced back to Mexico and is a big part of the Latino culture, not only in Mexico but around the world and in households across the U.S.

It especially plays a part around the holidays as families break out the cards, each with its own set of about 16 images, for a chance to be the first to have all the images called out in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, and yell bingo or (Lotería). Players usually use pennies, beans or some kind of marker to keep tabs of the photos called out. At the end, the whole card is up for the grabs and the first to fill up the entire card is the grand champion.

Millennial Lotería

Millenial Loteria.jpg

Alfaro’s make-over of the beloved traditional Mexican Lotería will speak to all millennial Latinos as it relates more closely to their everyday experiences. According to Vivala, “It’s obvious both his cultural background and the fact that he’s a millennial himself have influenced his art.”

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