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Texas Middle School Students Forced to Do Bear Crawls on Outdoor Track

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Anyone who has participated in a boot camp workout class knows what “bear crawls” are – a difficult exercise involving walking on one’s hands while feet stay on the ground, but one’s knees cannot touch the floor. After “walking” like that for a while, anyone would work up a sweat. Sadly, this exercise has reportedly been used as a punishment at Florence Middle School in Florence, Texas (in Williamson County) that left students with injuries.

KXAN writes that Child Protective Services and the Florence Police Department are investigating an incident involving a group of students in a PE class made to do bear crawls across an outdoor track for 100 yards. Of course, the outdoor track is not meant for an exercise where one must use their hands, and students were left with cuts, bruises, and blisters on their palms. Additionally, they had to deal with the humiliation aspect of the ordeal. According to the news, the substitute teacher leading the class that day yelled at them, saying that the exercise was meant to teach them to respect the teacher’s authority.

The Sacramento Bee quotes Superintendent Paul Michalewicz as saying, “Our students’ safety and well being is our top priority, and we deeply regret when any student is injured at school.”