Middle Schooler Achieves Perfect ACT Score

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Julia Kourelakos, a 13-year-old eighth grader from Sarasota, Florida recently took the ACT exam just to see how well she could do. According to the Princeton Review, the average score on the ACT exam is a 21, but Kourelakos’s score was an incredible perfect 36.

The exam takes 3 hours (plus 40 minutes if you include the writing section), and it measures a student’s understanding of English, math, reading, and science. It sounds rather intimidating, but this brave middle schooler wasn’t too worried. She told the news that she went to see “Rocky Horror” the night before and only took a shortened practice exam to prepare!

Normally only high schoolers take this exam to attempt to impress colleges, and getting such a high score is almost unheard of even for older students. “The ACT said less than one tenth of one percent of students that take the test will get a perfect 36,” FOX 13 reports.

Kourelakos admits that she was a bit shocked at her perfect score, and asked her mom to verify that the results weren’t fake. But for someone who began reading at age 2, she felt like the ACT wasn’t the “nightmare test” she expected it to be.