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Midland Man Attacked by Bees, Dogs Meet Terrible Fate

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A Midland man was attacked over the weekend by a swarm of bees after checking on his dogs’ cries. The man survived, but the dogs were not so lucky.

In a heartbreaking story, James Roy thought his dogs were play-fighting in the backyard when he stepped outside to check on them. However, they were both under attack by a vicious swarm of bees. As News West 9 reported, “James Roy is recovering today after being stung more than 50 times…Both [of his dogs] passed away at the vet after being stung more than 1,000 times.”

Susie and Sammy, the two pups, were adopted less than a year ago and were gentle dogs, neighbors have reported. The family is completely heartbroken over their tragic loss, and have no idea where the bees came from.

Bee Busters, Inc. was called in to see the cause of the swarm and they believe Africanized bees were trying to take over a gentle colony of European bees in Roy’s backyard.