Midland: Warm Classic Country in a Shiny New Package We Love

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Defined as “the long-awaited answer to bro-country that so many have pined to hear played once again on country radio,” the Dripping Springs, Texas-based band Midland took the country music industry by storm in 2017. The trio consists of Cameron Duddy, Mark Wystrach, and Jess Carson. They signed with Big Machine Records, releasing their debut LP entitled “On the Rocks” to critical acclaim. Fans followed and industry insiders critiqued, but the truth is image and chops don’t make the music. Their hit style and huge following come from a carefully cultivated mixture of talent and excellent music taste.

Their album “On the Rocks” sounds something like a dancehall standard from the ’80s, a throwback which we generally don’t approve of unless you’re referencing one of the greatest times in country and western music. The album is loaded with amazingly mellow harmonies juxtaposed against the harsh realities of life on the road, broken hearts, and the general angst a country music song is often mocked for actually having in the first place. It all works phenomenally well for Midland.

Midland: Warm Classic Country in a Shiny New Package We Love

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Presently touring throughout the U.S., with Gruene Hall and Billy Bob’s scheduled as their Texas stops in May and June, the band members of Midland are poised to generate a new listener for the industry – one which, up until now, the critics have dismissed. Midland’s debut has opened the door for the fan that focused on the traditional country of their parents’ generations, which has often been found lacking in recent years. Despite the fact that industry bloodhounds have argued their style and image are concocted and erroneous in comparison to what’s considered to be the beginnings of a “traditional country” act, Midland’s music is the warm classic country you’re looking for in a shiny, new package. And we love it!