You Might Be a Texas Hill Country Girl If…

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From pioneers to airplane pilots, presidents’ wives to governors, ranchers and writers, educators and philanthropists, homemakers to hunters, and chefs to sheriffs –  what does it take to be a real Texas Hill Country woman? Not many would argue that adjectives like grit, determination, passion, and loyalty to family, state, and God make a good description. Add independence, honesty and maybe just a hint (or more likely a big dose) of stubbornness to the list. Then there are the quirky characteristics as well…a few of which we noted below.

1. Texas Hill Country girls LOVE their boots and find that they make perfectly acceptable wedding attire.

photo credit: Country Wedding via photopin (license)

2. Have you ever seen the bumper sticker “silly boys, trucks are for girls”?  Texas Hill Country girls love their pickup trucks almost as much as their children.


Photo: Courtesy of Marcy Stellfox

3. Texas Hill Country girls have a soft spot for all creatures great and small. They aren’t afraid to kiss a 1200-lb animal that could kill them.

You Might Be a Texas Hill Country Girl If

Photo: Courtesy of Pamela LeBlanc

4. Nothing can beat a cold pitcher of ice tea on a hot day, but sometimes a little something stronger is necessary. Texas Hill Country girls can whip up a pitcher of margaritas just as quick and tasty as they can sweet tea.


You Might Be a Texas Hill Country Girl If

Photo: Trophy Wife – Hoodie by Texas Hill Country

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5. Everyone knows that Texans love their meat. Texas Hill Country girls consider wild game a major food group and grilling it is the only way to eat it.
Photo: Flickr/Mike

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