Mike Rowe’s Take on Tiny Texas Houses: Making the Most of It

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Mike Rowe, the popular actor known for his roles as a narrator and host on the Discovery Channel series “Dirty Jobs” as well as the CNN series “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” has been to many unique filming locations and featured a lot of great, personal stories. He’s narrated such programs “Shark Week,” “Deadliest Catch,” and “How the Universe Works,” and he’s broadened viewers’ horizons on things like job creation, economic growth, and the stories of hard working people. He’s done so well on the latter part of this list that his following on social media is immense, not to mention proactive. And, this is where his trip to Texas comes in.

During season one of “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” Rowe visited with Darby Lettick of Tiny Texas Houses. He toured through a unit with the man himself, learning the passion and drive behind what goes into the making of these homes.

Shared on CNN’s YouTube Channel, Rowe explained how Darby was the master manipulator of materials old and new, to create the masterpiece they were touring through – all 200 square feet of it. Since then, Tiny Texas Houses has gone on to develop “Salvage Texas,” which their website describes as being, “a visionary 43 acre venue showcasing the many uses, both practical and artistic, of salvaged and re-purposed materials.” On the cusp of the tiny house movement, they’re now on the brink of the salvaging and re-purposing movement as well, teaching others how to make the most of a resource that Texas has a vast abundance of: old homes, barns, and outbuildings. Each of these can produce a vast amount of material from which another building can be created. As such, they’re forging the way through workshops, internships, tours, and even an Airbnb opportunity allowing people to stay onsite and experience their tiny house village! It’s a unique lifestyle being driven by environmental, economic, and personal factors, and Mike Rowe played a small part in bringing the Tiny Texas Houses to light for America to see!