Milagro Springs Retreat: A Unique Texas Hill Country Home

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Milagro Springs Retreat breaks the mold in Texas Hill Country architecture, which does not only include old-fashioned ranches. Private residences that rival the designs of those in the most modern of locations exist in the least expected places. Milagro Springs Retreat features a distinctively contemporary design while also serving as a highly efficient home.

The Design

Milagro Springs Retreat designed by Miro Rivera Architects

Photo: Facebook/Miro Rivera Architects

The architecture of Milagro Springs features rising peaks on the roof to resemble the rolling hills of the surrounding Texas Hill Country. With large windows to let in light, the interior has an airy, open feel to it. The inspiration for the design came from the farmhouses traditionally seen in the area, but the design plan updated the style to accommodate large gatherings and a spiritually connected family.


Large windows abound on Miro Rivera Architects' Milagro Springs Retreat design

Photo: Facebook/Miro Rivera Architects

A meditation room and an outdoor sculpture studio make this residence stand out from others. The studio transforms into a stage when the owners host large gatherings during the year. As their personal getaway, the owners call Milagro Springs “The Sanctuary,” and it serves its purpose well. Not only can the residents relax in their home, they can also save energy. Though 5,000 square feet, this home has a small environmental footprint. Solar panels and rainwater collection reduce this home’s need for outside utilities. But the careful integration of these features keeps them from being eyesores. This home is so efficient, it received a 4-star Austin Energy Green Building rating.

About the Architects

Miro Rivera Architects logo

Photo: Facebook/Miro Rivera Architects

Miro Rivera Architects creates buildings that closely resemble modern art, but the practice continues to keep a close eye toward environmentally friendly design. Several of the group’s projects have achieved sustainability awards, including Milagro Springs. Though Milagro Springs is a private residence, you can see Miro Rivera Architects’ other works around Austin. Examples include the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center and the Lifeworks east Austin branch.


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