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For the Entire Month of May, Military Members Can Visit the San Antonio Zoo For Free

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During the month of May, the San Antonio Zoo celebrates those who serve our country with “Zoo Salutes,” a promotion sponsored by Warriors Heart, an organization that provides treatment to those battling PTSD and chemical dependencies. For the entire month, military members receive free entry as long as they show their valid military ID. MySA.com writes that this offer includes those who are “active duty, retired and veteran members of the military, National Guard and Army Reserve.

Also, up to four family members of can receive half-off their admission ticket! Normally, an adult ticket costs $14.25, and a child ticket costs $11.25, while a Fun Day pass (which includes a train and carousel ride and entry to see the butterflies) costs $18.99 for adults and $15.99 for children.

Those who haven’t visited the San Antonio Zoo in a while are encouraged to check it out once again since much has changed over the years. The newest section is Africa Live! where “hippos, crocodiles, and African cichlids from Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi are visible through underwater viewing windows that allow guests to see these creatures in the environment where they spend much of their lives,” the zoo writes on their website.