Mindfulness While Driving Prevents Deadly Tragedies On Texas Highways

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Texas athletes compete in a variety of sports, and no matter which one they call their own, there’s usually a level of danger involved. Usually, you would think of injury occurring on the court, in the arena, or on the field, but the fact is that traveling to and from sporting events can present some risks we might not anticipate.

In a recent bus crash incident the Humboldt Broncos, a Canadian junior hockey team, heartbreakingly lost a large number of team members and supporting figures. The tragedy is a sobering reminder for teams, competitors, and fans throughout the world. In Texas, we honor our athletes every day by attending their competitions, sporting their gear, and supporting their initiatives and goals. However, we could also stand to honor them by continuing to be mindful while driving. This can carry over into not only sports but industry as well. Texas cattle ranchers, farmers, horse haulers, and the like – all involved with activities that require regular travel – would also consider it a compliment if their fellow drivers were considerate of their need to share the highway as well. Here are a few easy tips for mindfulness while driving that could spare a lot of issues down the road and make safer Texas highways.

1. Put the Mobile Phone Away

Mindfulness While Driving Simply Makes Safer Texas Highways

Photo: Facebook/WSB-TV

The very moment you take your eyes away from the road to look at your phone, it’s considered distracted driving, and you run the risk of endangering the lives of all those around you.

2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Mindfulness While Driving Simply Makes Safer Texas Highways

Photo: Facebook/I’m A Country Girl

In the instance of other drivers sharing the roadway with you, pay better attention. How much space does the horse trailer ahead require? Is there the potential for a slow-moving farm vehicle ahead? The best option is to anticipate all possibilities and expect the unexpected.

3. Always Give Ample Space

Mindfulness While Driving Simply Makes Safer Texas Highways
Photo: Wikimedia

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