Mini Museum Releases a New Line of Jewelry

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You might have picked up a Mini Museum as a Christmas gift last year since it’s the perfect item for curious minds who like to keep interesting conversation pieces around. The Mini Museum series is in its third edition where it features tiny bits of items such as a piece of spinosaurus bone, a segment of one of Steve Jobs’s turtlenecks, and over 4 billion-year-old space gems displayed in clear Lucite acrylic.

And if you’re looking for a wearable gift, the Mini Museum brand has a new line of jewelry available. As of now, they have four different necklaces that range between $99 – $189. Most are marked as “coming soon” since they immediately sold out, and more will be made, but one piece is available today – the Fordite Pendant. It’s described as an “American-Made Motor Agate… The bright, jewel-like layers of Fordite are comprised of thousands of layers of automobile paint. Drop by drop, each layer represents a different vehicle as it passed through the paint booth in the factory.” Each piece will look completely unique.

You can sign up to receive an email when the other three jewelry designs become available again. They include a segment of Egyptian beads from 1st century BCE, a meteorite and lunar dust double necklace, and a tube of samples from the core of the earth!