Miniature Horses Thrive in Buda Home Named Little America

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Horses are majestic, ancient creatures which have a strong tie to the identity of Texas. Many people love horses; they are pets, service animals, companions, show stars, and therapy facilitators. Some horse lovers prefer a smaller version called miniature horses. One place in the Texas Hill Country is a worldwide known spot to visit miniature horses and purchase one for yourself. Located in Buda, Little America Miniature Horses is family owned and operated, welcoming visitors far and wide by appointment, and for the Thursday Kids program.

At the current location since 1995, Little America has the largest herd of the smallest miniature horses in North America; over eighty head stand at 30” and under. Led by Tony and Carol Greaves, whose long family history with miniature horses has fostered an ideal environment for these animals, Little America is visited by people from all over the world. All are registered with the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA), standing 34 inches tall or smaller, with few exceptions. Little America has consistently featured the smallest horse at the AMHA World Show.

Miniature Horses Thrive in Buda Home Named Little America

Photo: @bjjohnson714 via Twenty20

Big Un was Tony’s first miniature-sized pony. Born in the spring of 1963, Big Un became their first registered miniature when the AMHA was founded in 1978. Upon registration, Big Un was fifteen years old and 31 inches tall. That’s 2.58 feet tall! Today, the Little America history includes a world grand champion amateur and their smallest stallion: a nine-year-old who measures just 24.25”. More than 160 miniature horse are onsite, and range from Arabian and Quarter Horse-Types to Pintos and Appaloosas. Make an appointment to visit or purchase via phone 512-295-4575, or email [email protected]. Miniature horses are wonderful animals, but it is important not to confuse their small stature for ease of ownership! They need the same amount of care and attention as horses of larger size.