Miranda Lambert: Country Music Ambassador for Fan and Colleague Alike

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Giving a very emotional acceptance speech, considering recent current events, Miranda Lambert took the stage to accept the honor of Female Vocalist of the Year at the 51st CMA Awards with an expressive message. Thanking her counterparts, as well as her legions of fans, her acceptance of the award couldn’t have been more poignant, considering its timing being only moments following the debut of Keith Urban’s gender empowerment song entitled “Female.” As a repeat CMA award winner, a powerhouse in the country music industry, and a Texas woman, Miranda is a dynamo with word and song, having the opportunity to coin many a woman’s feelings and experiences into musical magic over the span of her career.

Miranda Lambert: Country Music Ambassador for Fan and Colleague Alike

Photo: Facebook/Miranda Lambert Fan Club

It was a touching moment at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on November 8 when she uttered the words, “I just want to say that, more than any other year that I’ve been part of the CMAs, I feel truly like there’s a family in this room tonight. I feel like we’re bonded together and banded together more than we ever have been, and I feel like country music is winning right now.” Prior to Lambert’s acceptance speech, and even before Urban’s performance, Carrie Underwood left the crowd speechless with a rendition of the hymn “Softly and Tenderly” in tribute to victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting which took place on October 1. If harmony, togetherness, and strength in unity weren’t a planned theme by the CMAs, they were certainly taking their natural course throughout the evening.