What’s There to Miss About Texas? Everything

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Those who love her, really love her, and those that move away, truly miss her. We’re talking, of course, about the great state of Texas. Texans and Tex-pats have always had a passion for the Lone Star State, and when you’re nowhere near it, you miss all of the things that seem to make it up, right down to simply saying, “Howdy.”

What’s There to Miss About Texas? Everything

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If you have to move away from Texas, it might surprise you what you’ll miss about this piece of terra firma. Bluebonnets are one thing that many seem to miss, and can’t wait to see the first pictures of each spring. The friendliness of fellow Texans also appears to be high on the list as well. It’s not to say that people from other states aren’t friendly, but it’s tough to come by such southern hospitality in a place that’s not really, well, southern. And speaking of southern hospitality, how about those guys that give you free advice at White Rock Lake in Dallas? If they were nowhere nearby, you’d probably miss them, too!

What’s There to Miss About Texas? Everything

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Humidity is one thing that surprisingly you might feel nostalgic for if you weren’t living in Texas. It may be a part of the weather that we sometimes love to hate, but just like drinking water, we’ll miss it when it’s gone. How about the ability to get fresh nachos? That’s something Texans take for granted, to be honest. It’s not many a state where you can willy-nilly order up something like that with fresh pico de gallo, or whatever kind of permutation you prefer. In fact, up until the early ‘90s, many states didn’t have nacho chips available in stores, never mind knowing someone who could actually make them!

What’s There to Miss About Texas? Everything
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