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Missing Teen Reunited With Her Family After a Year in El Paso

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In December 2015, Alissia Freeman went to take out the trash outside of her home in Crenshaw County, Alabama, but she didn’t return. A neighbor says they spotted her walking down the street, but other than that tiny piece of the puzzle, her family had no idea where she had gone. In early 2016, her step-mother posted on Facebook, alerting people to look out for the missing teen. The viral post even acknowledged the heartbreaking possibility of the disappearance being a human trafficking incident.

Thankfully, WSFA reports that Alissia has now been reunited with her family many miles away at a diner in El Paso, Texas. The FBI were also present for the meeting that took place after Alissia contacted her family out of the blue. At this time, there is no official word as to why and how Alissia was able to reach out after 16 months, but as a neighbor said, “prayers can be answered.” The family is thrilled to have their loved one back.

On the “Help find Alissia Freeman” Facebook page, the family is asking for a bit of privacy during this time, and they’re urging people to stop contacting Alissia with rude messages. Though some people have lashed out looking for answers, most are thrilled for the relieved family. “To me, the story ended happily. No further info needed. Praying for a smooth transition back with her family,” Wendy Synowicki thoughtfully wrote.