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Missing Texas Man Was Consumed by His Own Dogs

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In July 2019, a man who was reported missing from Venus, Texas, since April, was reportedly found to have been eaten by his own dogs. An official statement was made to this effect by a Johnson Country deputy, revealing that Freddie Mack, age 57, was last seen on April 9, 2019. A missing person report was filed, and deputies were dispatched to his property on May 6, 2019. However, there were a number of aggressive dogs found there, which hindered the search.

Upon returning to Mack’s property a number of times over the month of May, the deputies tragically found various small pieces of bone. These were then analyzed by a medical examiner at the University of North Texas Center for Human Remains and have officially been identified as belonging to Mack. Adam King, Johnson County Sheriff, stated in a news release: “During the course of our investigation it was found that Freddie suffered from serious medical conditions, so we will never know if the dogs killed Mr. Mack or consumed him after he died from a medical condition.” As a result, the deputies have since seized 16 dogs from Mack’s property. 13 of these animals will be euthanized. These animals were found to be so aggressive that there were originally 18 dogs, however, two were killed by their counterparts.

Missing Texas Man Was Consumed by His Own Dogs

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Deputy Aaron Pitts stated that these mixed-breed dogs belonging to Mack had apparently devoured all of him, including his hair and clothing. They left nothing behind other than bone fragments. A relative of Mack’s reported him missing in May. He was considered a bit of a recluse, and his family hadn’t heard from him since approximately a month prior. Three of the animals seized from the home will be placed for adoption. Mack had kept his animals well cared for and fed. Pitts stated that Mack loved his dogs.