Houston Woman on a Mission to Find Owner of Lost Military Photo

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Houstonian Roxanne Vega came across a mysterious photo on the ground near 34th Street and Ella Boulevard in Oak Forest. She picked it up when she realized the photograph depicted a man dressed in his military uniform, and judging by the car in the background, it likely dates back to the late ’50s to early ’60s.

Vega took the photo home and posted it on Facebook, hoping to find the owner. She told KPRC2, “I have family in the military. I have grandpas and uncles that will go back and look at their pictures so I kind of just thought, ‘Man, maybe somebody’s missing it.’…It’s a long shot. But you never know.”

There is only one major clue that might help determine who this mystery military man is. According to the news, the military uniform “appears to be that of an Air Force MP.”

While Vega recognizes that she might not ever find the photograph’s rightful owner, in her highest hopes she wants to meet the man in the photo himself. Perhaps through the power of social networking and fast-spreading news, Vega can get her wish and bring the story to a fulfilling end.