In Search of the Modern-Day Cowboy: ‘Bizarre Foods’ Takes a Look at Texas

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Tony Maples Photography


Andrew Zimmern, the host of “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel channel, traveled to Texas in search of the modern-day cowboy. Focusing on regional cuisine throughout the world, the show highlights how the food is obtained, where it is normally served, and then (generally), the host proceeds to eat it. On the air since 2007, it has garnered a rather large audience who tune in on a weekly basis to see what Zimmern will be eating next and where.

This particular episode is shared on the Travel Channel YouTube channel and features Texas in a focus on the “last great American icon,” the cowboy. Noted in the video as being a “…romantic, rugged symbol of our frontier past,” the cowboy is also a touchpoint in the history of Texas and continues to be so today, albeit altered somewhat. As Zimmern shows us, the cowboy life is still alive and well in the Lone Star State, and his/her 20th-century incarnation can be found in the rural stops, small towns, and yes, even the big cities of Texas.

Leaning into the history of the state and the development of the modern-day cowboy, “Bizarre Foods” showcases the most current methods of preparation of what are considered by many to be odd dishes of Texas. In the comments section on the YouTube post, one viewer commented, “Where is the ‘Bizarre’ food? This looks like home cooking to this farm boy.” That’s a sentiment that may have been mirrored by some after seeing what was prepared. However, what you’re used to in your region of the United States (or the world) versus the types of foods that are prepared elsewhere may truly seem “bizarre.” The thick-grilled bologna sandwich caught our eye! Have you tried many of these foods?