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Americans Heading to ‘Molar City’ for Affordable Dental Care

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Just over the U.S.-Mexico border near California and Arizona sits Los Algodones. According to, the small town of around 5,500 people boasts 600 dentists. It’s no wonder that the town has received the nickname of “Molar City,” and Americans are heading there for more affordable dental care.

Within a few blocks of the border, Molar City has numerous dentist offices. “American and Canadian couples flock to Los Algodones to save up to 70 percent on procedures. One couple told the news outlet that they traveled 1,000 miles to save $35,000 on dental implants,” the news explains.

There’s even a website,, that explains the phenomenon and benefits of crossing the border to get dental care. Looking over the pricing chart online, it reads that full dentures of porcelain teeth will cost about $350 when they normally cost around $2000 in the U.S., and a cleaning only costs $25.

The website also says that the Molar City border area is one of the safest places to cross over and that the majority of dentists speak English as well as Spanish and prefer U.S. money. And according to the photos, visitors can also take part in markets and pose for a photo with a huge tooth mascot. It’s definitely a bit bizarre, but it could be worth a closer look.

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