Man Molds and Blows a Lump of Sugar Into Sweet Animal Shapes

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In China, sugar blowing artists have become a rare sight, but the tradition displayed in the video below recorded on a street in Beijing is absolutely stunning. A man takes a ball of warm sugar and molds/blows it into the shape of a bunny and a chicken.

Atlas Obscura writes, “Sugar blowers tend to make animals with creatures from the Chinese zodiac—dragons, rabbits, pigs, and monkeys—being especially popular.”

China Culture says that the artists are able to blow air into the ball of sugar from a needle-like straw they pull out from the lump. If the temperature of the sugar changes too greatly, or the artist moves their hands too quickly, the entire sculpture can collapse. Some artists choose to paint on their sugar shapes, but others leave the beautiful variations of amber clear of decoration.


In the video uploaded last year by Travel Thristy, you can watch the man’s fingers delicately work the sugar while noisy traffic zooms past. It’s truly an extraordinary scene. Lucky people walk away with the sugar creatures that they could eat if they desired, but who wouldn’t want to keep such a lovely creation?