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Mom Outraged By Treatment of Young Son at DFW Airport

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On March 26th, Jennifer Williamson posted a video of her son receiving a pat down from TSA agents at the DFW International Airport. The clip lasts two minutes (the entire length of the pat-down procedure), and Williamson says, “We were treated like dogs because I requested they attempt to screen him in other ways per TSA rules. He has SPD and I didn’t want my child given a pat down like this…Somehow these power tripping TSA agents who are traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like without any cause, need to be reined in.”

Her strongly worded post has lead to over 90K shares and 56K comments. Some people find the situation disturbing since the child has special needs, while others say it’s just what you have to deal with if you want to fly.

WFAA reports that the child’s laptop set off an alarm, which led to the procedural pat down. The entire ordeal took about an hour. When the news spoke to an attorney, they said that it would be difficult to pursue a case legally because the TSA agents followed protocol. But Williamson says it caused them to miss their flight, and their son continued to worry that he had done something wrong for the rest of the day.