Mom Raccoon Has to Wrangle ‘Bratty’ Baby in New Nature Video

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In a new upload from RM Videos called “Bratty baby raccoon,” a mama raccoon does her best to pull one of her adorable babies into an opening in a tree. At first, the little guy clings to the bark above the hole, peering down at mom and its sibling. Eventually, the mother raccoon realizes that baby isn’t coming down, so she tries to go grab her child, but she can’t seem to get a good enough “grip!” The whole ordeal takes a solid 4 minutes and 30 seconds before mom is able to shimmy down the opening with her kids safe and sound nearby. You can watch the video here.

When watching the video, it’s hard to believe that the raccoon family is able to fit down inside of the tree that doesn’t seem to have a large opening. But raccoons create perfect homes inside of trees where they have more room than one might expect. In an another incredibly cute video uploaded by Steve Oehlert, viewers can see into a nest where two baby raccoons are playing. This three-year-old video never went viral, but it certainly deserves to for its private view of nature so many of us never get to see.