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Mom Sets Tube Afloat in Guadalupe River in Honor of Her Son

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Tracey Corum and her son Justin Hernandez took a spontaneous trip to the Guadalupe River to float down in tubes and take in the beautiful scenery. “That trip was very special to the both of us,” Corum told MySA.com. Sadly, a year later, her son passed away. Recently, she returned to the river with the emotional support of friends, and she decided to make a gesture symbolic of the joy her and her son shared. She launched an empty tube on the river with sentiments about Justin written in Sharpie on it.

“If you find the float please take him for a ride! Share your photos with me please. Justin’s life was tragically lost and our world will never be the same…” Corum wrote on Facebook. Since her post went viral, she’s received many stories about how Justin’s tube inspired them, brought a smile to their face, and made their trip down the river a happier one.

“When I went over the first set of rapids, my tube finally gave out and that is when I found the lone tube. I went up and saw all the beautiful messages left by you and others who rode. I just wanted to let you know that your son’s tube helped me continue tubing with my family,” Shane Leger wrote to Corum.

If you see Justin’s float, visit the If You Find Me Float Me Facebook page to report its whereabouts and share your story.