Money Raised for Heaters at Austin Pets Alive Shelter

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On Sunday, one of Austin Pets Alive’s heaters broke down, leaving staff and animals freezing. Winter is a difficult time for shelters. They are always in need of supplies, helping hands, warmth, and funds for increased utility costs. APA reached out to the Austin community, asking for donations, and people were more than willing to give.

Thankfully, Austin Pets Alive had a wonderful update to report on Facebook. “Less than 24 hours after our plea posted, Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning stepped forward offering a generous discount on replacing the unit, which combined with the funds donated by the public, met our goal,” they wrote. They’re still waiting for the fixed heater, but they’re thrilled that the solution is already in motion.

Fox 7 quoted Executive Director, Dr. Ellen Jefferson, “Austin is showing the rest of the country how to be a compassionate and safe city for pets, but it’s the people here that make this possible.”

Austin Pets Alive is one of the most well-loved and respected animal shelters in Austin. They got their start in 2008, and they’ve given over 25,000 cats and dogs new forever homes since then. They’re always looking for foster homes and funding. If you’re interested, click here.