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A Monkey Runs Amok in South Houston

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Last week, Click2Houston.com reported that a monkey attacked a girl in the city of South Houston. The teen spotted the monkey on the loose and asked her grandpa who was driving to stop the car so she could snap a photo. The creature suddenly jumped into the vehicle and scratched her on the arm and head while her grandfather “punched the monkey out of the truck.”

Later in the week, ABC 13 says that more reports of monkey sightings came in. One man, Bryan Beach, saw the primate around the same time that the teen was attacked. “He was jumping up and down on the car and screeching. He was having a field day with that car and he was angry,” Beach told the news.

Since the strange sighting made headlines across media platforms, South Houston Animal Control said that the owner might have quietly retrieved their monkey. But, the possibility remains that the unhappy primate is still on the loose.

National Geographic says that owning a primate is a bad idea, especially since they can become aggressive once they reach sexual maturity. It seems that owning a primate in South Houston is in a bit of a gray area. According to ABC 13, there aren’t any specific laws about owning a monkey in the city.