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Monster Great White Shark Could be Coming to Texas

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According to a report by Mysanantonio.com, a huge great white shark that goes by the name of Hilton has been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico, and “…now may be on his way to Texas.” The 1,326-pound shark measures 12.5 feet in length.

Hilton is spending some time in the Gulf, reportedly near the Pensacola, Florida coastline. Tagged by OCEARCH (a non-profit great white shark research organization) in March 2017, his route has been tracked along the eastern seaboard, ranging from Nova Scotia, Canada, to Florida, here in the U.S., but this is the first time he’s been seen to enter the Gulf of Mexico.

Monster Great White Shark Being Tracked in the Gulf of Mexico

Photo: Flickr/Travelbag Ltd

Already having a Twitter following of over 22,000, this apex predator’s tag pings, transmitting his location, each time his fin breaks the surface of the water. This is how researchers know that he’s been in Gulf waters now for approximately two weeks. In an online statement, Dr. Robert Hueter, OCEARCH chief science advisor and marine laboratory senior scientist said, “Since then he’s made his way toward the Florida panhandle, a famous fishing ground for sport fishermen. No doubt Hilton’s doing a little fishing of his own, chowing down on the many fish of the canyon and shelf region there.” Followers can learn more about the latest movements of this real-life “Jaws” of sorts as OCEARCH reports on his Twitter account.