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Be Aware: Man in Montgomery County Posing as a Police Officer

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KHOU reports that a man in Montgomery County appears to be acting as a police officer. The fake cop used flashing lights to pull a woman over on the US-59 feeder road. She told the news that he was wearing a t-shirt that read “POLICE” and did not have a badge nor a gun holster.

The police impersonator asked the driver for her ID, saying that her brake light was out. She produced her license but remained very suspicious. Suddenly, the man backed off and ran back to his car and sped away. The woman said she checked her brake lights, and they’re in perfect working order.

Even though nothing menacing happened, officials are taking the situation seriously since the man’s motive is unknown, and he could slowly gain confidence and escalate the interactions. There’s a slight possibility that it was, in fact, a real police officer who was off-duty with another county, but Montgomery County police say it’s highly unlikely.

The problem with fake police is wide enough to warrant its own WikiHow page titled “How to Spot Someone Impersonating a Police Officer.” In the article, they remind citizens that they can call 911 when they’re being pulled over if they’re worried the situation is illegitimate. Also, one can ask to see the officer’s badge after pulling over in a well-populated area.