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Montrose Street Bridges Light Up for Great Causes

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The Montrose District Bridges in Houston are lighting up for great causes. Gandy2 Lighting Design designed the light installations just in time for this past Super Bowl held in Houston in February 2017. Think Empire State building lighting up in honor and support of various events. Now Houston has its own version of creating awareness for various causes and holidays.

This (501(C) (3) Non-profit seeks “to visually demonstrate our support as well as to promote awareness of various initiatives that impact our diverse community,” states its website.

In the video above shared by a YouTube user, you can see the bright lights as they change colors throughout the evening lighting the path for drivers along the Southwest Freeway as they pass underneath them each night.

All for charity, the Montrose District lights were created to show support for various non-profits and charitable events or causes. “We are pleased to demonstrate our support of nonprofit causes, as well as to promote awareness of various initiatives that impact our diverse community,” Montrose Management District board chairman Claude Wynn said in an article highlighted by ABC13.

Applications for consideration of lighting request can be submitted online and are on a first come first serve basis. The bridges are part of the landmark structure of the Montrose area and stream across seven bridges. The following holiday lighting schedule is already set as follows:

Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day – red, white, and blue
President’s Day – red, white and blue
St. Patrick’s Day – green
Earth Day – green and blue
Cinco de Mayo – red, green, and white
Memorial Day – red, white, and blue
Pride Week – rainbow colors
4th of July – red, white, and blue
Italian Festival – green white and red
Greek Festival – white and blue
September 11 – red, white, blue
Halloween – orange and black
Veteran’s Day – red, white, blue
World Aids Day – red
Hanukkah – blue and white
Christmas – red and green
Kwanza – red, black, green
New Year’s Eve – bright white or gold

For more information about the Montrose District Bridges and how to submit a request visit montrosedistrict.org.