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Galveston’s Moody Gardens Aquarium to Reopen After Years of Renovations

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“What we’ve tried to do is incorporate man’s place in nature. Not only do we play a role in degrading habitats but we also improve habitats and the petrochemical industry is a double-edged sword,” Greg Whittaker, the animal husbandry manager at Moody Gardens, told Click2Houston.com. He was talking about one of the large additions to the newly renovated Moody Gardens aquarium – a huge oil rig replica that gives visitors a glimpse of the underwater creatures that surround and attach to the legs of the structure in the Gulf of Mexico.

Reopening on May 27th, the Moody Gardens aquarium pyramid underwent renovations for two years. According to their website, the new exhibits will draw empathy from the visitors while taking them on a tour of aquatic locations throughout the world by region.

Guests who visit after the grand reveal will see a new jellyfish exhibit as well as a home for ten Humboldt penguins who moved from aquariums in Portland and Seattle to educate and delight Moody Gardens visitors. These Peruvian penguins are extremely adorable, but their lives are growing more and more difficult in the wild due to over-fishing and climate change.

Tickets are already available for to access the new and improved aquarium here.