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Texan Man Gets Bit By Mosquitoes for a Living

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Right now in North Texas, Steve Moore might be standing outside tempting mosquitoes to bite him. He goes by “Mosquito Steve,” and though his daily activity might seem odd and uncomfortable, it’s all for a good reason.

In an awe- and itch-inducing early morning interview with WFAA 8, Moore shook the hedges in his friend’s backyard to let the insects know their breakfast had arrived. Soon his legs and arms were covered in bloodsucking mosquitoes. Moore estimates he gets anywhere from 75 to 90 bites a day.

So what has Moore enduring all these pesky bites? He’s developed a line of products to repel mosquitoes, and he has to keep as many as he can around to properly test his products. His website’s headline reads: “Safe, Effective and Natural Repellants Repels Mosquitoes…Attracts Friends.” In addition to making these environmentally safe and effective repellents, Moore also tries out other methods to check out their effectiveness. (If you’re curious, the “dryer sheet technique” does not work.)

Moore jokes that he’s currently single due to his odd job, but he encourages everyone to find something they believe in. He urges people to devote themselves to something they love, even if it is a little uncomfortable.