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Most Haunted Bridge in Texas Found in The Houston Arboretum

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The Houston Arboretum is considered a beautiful nature sanctuary with a haunted past among the paths of its bridge. Upon first glance, you are inspired by its majestic 155 acres of nature’s beauty amidst miles of walking trails that wind through forest, meadow, and wetland habitats.

It’s hard to imagine there is a hidden past among such a majestic park. Its mission is to educate folks of all ages about the natural environment and to protect and enhance the Arboretum as a haven and sanctuary for native plants and animals. What many don’t know is that it also houses a haunting secret among the wooden bridge’s path rumored to be full of paranormal activity.

The Scenery

Bridge 2

Photo: Facebook/HoustonArboretum

According to an article from, the outer trail is the culprit of the paranormal activity shared by those who have experienced the uneasy feeling of not being alone on the trail.

The trail sees few visitors because it is a longer path to take and designed more so for runners and hikers according to the article. It’s the perfect scene set up just perfectly with trees hiding it from the rest of the park, not to mention the trail itself feels abandoned and lonely. It’s easy to see how this particular area can be considered haunted.

2. The Backstory


Photo: Facebook/HoustonArboretum

About half way along the path of the trail you come to a secluded bridge. Its been shared according to that an immediate feeling of uneasiness comes upon you.

As you begin your path across the wooden path of the bridge time will seem as if it has slowed down. Your senses are on heightened alert as you listen for anything out of the ordinary. It’s then that you will hear it according to witnesses. The sound of someone coming up behind you but as soon as you turn around nothing. No one knows for sure the cause or if it’s your mind playing tricks on you but it’s as real as real can be.

3. Do You Dare

Photo: Flickr/heymrlady

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