Mother Shares the Memory of Her 4-Year-Old Son’s Last Few Moments Battling Cancer

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The criticism and overwhelming amount of attention one can receive from speaking out on Facebook will keep many people from sharing their important stories online, but Maryland mother Ruth Scully bravely posted a heartbreaking story about her late son. Her words open up a dialogue about loss, cancer, and how a parent of a dying child must think about the unthinkable.

WFAA writes that Ruth’s little boy, Nolan, was diagnosed with “Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer” in November 2015. He passed away on February 4th, and on April 4th, Ruth wrote a long Facebook post about his final days. The post is gut-wrenching to read, but her honesty and strength have reached an audience of millions with over 624,629 shares.

Ruth recounts her son would often lay by the shower door while she was showering, afraid to be alone. She posted a photo of him waiting for her, and the image she endures now, without her son. “Now I’m the one terrified to shower. With nothing but an empty shower rug now where once a beautiful perfect little boy laid waiting for his Mommy,” she writes.

Read her entire post here. The comments are also worth a read to see all of the support and love strangers can provide for each other.