80 Different Moths Found in One Night Along Trinity River

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Every year since 2012, an event called Moth Night Out has taken place at the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge headquarters. This year, their findings were particularly abundant.

On July 23rd, Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge manager Stuart Marcus along with twelve other insect enthusiasts searched around the area for moths, beetles and other bugs while snapping over 1,000 photos.

After the event, Marcus went through all of the pictures to make a comprehensive list of the species of moths they encountered. Since Marcus has catalogued over 750 moths that he’s spotted on the refuge previously, he didn’t expect to find even more during Moth Night Out. Amazingly, the event documented 80 different species in one night! Two of which were new to Marcus.

The moths in a few of the photographs will remain mysterious. Some moths have to be dissected, or have their genitals studied, to be completely accurate in their identification. The photographs alone will not be enough to identify them.

Marcus is thrilled with the results. He told the Dayton News, “This was the highest count we have ever observed on MNO over the last 4 years of this event.”

Who knew that one night spent searching for bugs could be so productive?