This New Motorized Luggage Lets You Zip Around the Airport

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Modobag’s slogan boasts that they’re “changing the way the world travels,” and with such a unique product, they definitely could! The Modobag is a piece of carry-on luggage that you can actually sit down on and ride through the airport.

In their video, the inventor, Kevin, asks, “Do you want to walk or do you want to ride?” Taking a look at all of the gleeful smiles pasted on the faces of those riding the Modobag answers that question pretty quickly.

The bag is compliant with TSA and FAA rules, and the ride will get you to your gate three times faster than walking. While waiting for the flight, you can charge your phone in the internal charger that includes a GPS system which can track your luggage if it gets lost. After you board the plane, the Modobag fits right into the overhead bin.

The video shows a woman in a business suit wearing high heels zooming through the airport without breaking a sweat. It looks equal parts convenient and silly, but most of all, it looks downright fun.

What a great way to combat the stressful environment of an airport by surprising fellow travelers with taking a ride on your luggage.