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Mouse in Woman’s Car Causes Her to Drive into Corpus Christi Bay

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After feeling startled by a mouse running across her leg, a woman drove her SUV into the Corpus Christi Bay on Monday morning. The driver was starting to leave her parking spot at Swantner Park when she felt the scurrying of little feet. She quickly exited her car, but she had already knocked the car into gear. The vehicle rolled off into the water.

Thankfully, the driver did not sustain any injuries from the ordeal, but she is very embarrassed by the sight of her car floating around in Corpus Christi Bay. She said this isn’t the first time that she’s had an issue with stowaway mice in her car, but it will probably be the last.

Though this news might sound funny and odd to most, Senior Officer Carl Knapick with the Corpus Christi Police Department wasn’t surprised. He told KRIS TV, “Cars end up in bays for different reasons, this is just another one. Why do they happen? You know, usually, someone is distracted or something happens in their car. Next thing you know, the car rolls off into the water since we’re so close to the water at the edge of the park.”

Be sure to keep your emergency break on whenever you park near the water!