How to Make Mac & Cheese Meatballs

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There are a lot of food recipes these days circling around the Internet, but this mac and cheese meatballs recipe might be the best yet.

A little math is all that’s needed to see that you can’t go wrong with mac and cheese meatballs. Macaroni and cheese? Delicious. Meatballs? Incredible. Bacon? Yes, please. So when you put mac and cheese inside of a meatball wrapped in bacon, you have greatness.

Now, this recipe isn’t for the faint of heart, or stomach. This is a decadent meal that shouldn’t be taken lightly or eaten every night by any means, but hey, once in a blue moon is okay, too. It’s not even that difficult to make, either.

Just cook up some macaroni and cheese, chill it for best sticking effect, and form your meatballs. Wrap with bacon and ta-da! You’ve got cheesy, bacon perfection. You can either grill this recipe, or you can bake them in your oven if you’re not ready to fire up the grill just yet.

Little variations on this recipe would be incredible also. A Tex-Mex style with the right seasonings and salsa on the side sounds just as delicious, too.