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MTV is Casting a New Reality Show in Austin for Mix of ‘Real World’ and ‘Friends’ Concept

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Millennials who are looking to live rent-free in Austin can sign up for their chance to star in a new MTV reality show centered around an apartment building in Austin, TX. KVUE says that the show will develop into a hybrid between “The Real World,” “Friends,” and “Melrose Place.”

Casting directors are looking for singles, couples, families and roommates who want to have their lives taped as they either move to Austin for the first time (or just move within the city) to find love, discover new opportunities, and attempt to “figure their lives out.” Despite a bit of criterion, KVUE writes that “the casting company isn’t being too specific about the type of people who should apply for the show.”

Open in-person auditions were held over the weekend at ZAX Restaurant, but the sign-up form from Lime Casting is still online, so those who are interested can apply. The questionnaire has 28 questions like, “Are you more conservative or do you enjoy living an outgoing/party lifestyle?” and “Name 3 things people would be surprised to know about you?” The form also requires that applicants send in 2 photos and be 18-years-old or older.