MTV Looking for New ‘Super Sweet 16’ Birthdays to Film in San Antonio

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Earlier this year, Entertainment Weekly announced that MTV would be bringing back their hit show “My Super Sweet 16.” The program usually follows a girl or boy celebrating their 16th birthday, but now, the show will include debutante balls or quinceañeras.

MTV won’t record just any birthday party – they want high drama and expensive tastes. On previous seasons, viewers have become accustomed to seeing teens act as bratty as they can while asking for flashy SUVs, extravagant clothes and even surprise guests like hip hop artists they want to perform especially for them in front of all of their friends. says they spoke with the show’s casting director Zandra Pernica and learned that MTV would love to showcase a San Antonio quinceañera. “Parents or legal guardians of teens prepping for a coming-of-age bash are asked to contact the casting department at 212-846-5685 or email [email protected],” they write.

It will be interesting to see how much the show has changed since its last season in 2005. Will the teens still compete to one-up each other? Will there still be tears before (and often during) every party? Or will welcoming in other coming-of-age celebrations add a deeper cultural significance and depth to the show? We’ll have to wait and tune in to see how sweet 16s are celebrated in 2017.