Muck Map Moves Their Services to Crisis Cleanup Website

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Tony Maples Photography


For those who have never been through a flood, it can be difficult to visualize the amount of work that goes into taking care of the aftermath. Harvey flood victims will need to “muck” their home, which ABC 13 defines as “removing wet carpets, flooring, dry wall, mud, or other items to prepare a flooded home for drying out and renovations.” It’s a huge task, and volunteers are needed to help many people do this physically intensive labor.

For a while, Texas Muck Map was matching volunteers with people who needed assistance mucking their homes. Users would simply drop a pin on a map saying what kind of help they needed or what they could give. Since the service didn’t match up volunteers with homeowners, they decided to migrate their postings with Crisis Cleanup.

On the Crisis Cleanup website, only volunteers who are already vouched for by an affiliated organization can join. This ensures that homeowners will feel safe letting volunteers into their house. Even though it can be frustrating for those who want to join that don’t have an organization to volunteer with, Crisis Cleanup writes on their blog that volunteers shouldn’t give up. “Volunteering is more difficult than it should be… Be patient and flexible. Be persistent: Don’t take ‘no’ for a final answer, and don’t assume that just because one organization can’t use you, that there is no need for help,” they write.