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Multi-State Killing Spree Ends: One Suspect Dead, the Other Arrested

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A standoff at a motel in Georgia late Tuesday night (February 7) resulted in the death of William “Billy” Boyette Jr. (44 years of age), and the arrest of Mary Craig Rice (38 years old). Authorities in Escambia County, Florida, had previously advised the public via a press conference on their efforts in searching for the suspected murderers, identified as being on a multi-state killing spree. The third attack in the past seven days attributed to the couple was an attempted murder on February 6, crossing state lines, leaving three women dead, and one critically injured.

Intense Search Continues For Multi-State Killing-Spree Couple

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Rice, who had previously only been considered a person of interest in the attacks, was upgraded to an official suspect in the killing and crime spree as authorities believed she had several opportunities to seek help or run and was seen entering stores by herself, without being forced and directed. Boyette was a repeat offender with violent tendencies, previously accused of attacking girlfriends, uttering death threats, and allegedly beating and stabbing his victims. He had a history of drug trafficking and use, with a penchant for “Spice,” on which users have been known to stay awake for days at a time.

Intense Search Continues For Multi-State Killing-Spree Couple

Photo: Facebook/Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office

A home invasion and vehicle theft report brought county deputies to a Pensacola address on Monday (February 6) where a mother identified that her daughter hadn’t reported to work and went to the house to check on her. She found her daughter, Kayla Crocker, with a gunshot wound, and Kayla’s two-year-old son thankfully unharmed. Crocker’s vehicle, a white Chevrolet Cobalt, which had been stolen during the home invasion, was confirmed by authorities via video surveillance to be in the possession of Boyette and Rice, who took the car to a Shell gas station just minutes afterward, marking the third attack in their crime/killing spree.

Intense Search Continues For Multi-State Killing-Spree Couple
Photo: Facebook/Milton Post

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