Calling All Art Lovers: Go on a Mural Hunt in San Marcos

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If you’re a fan of scavenger hunts AND art, there’s no better cooler-weather activity than going in search of San Marcos’ public murals. Sprouting up all over town, the murals make for a fun surprise hiding around almost every corner. One of the most important San Marcos cultural staples is the blossoming art scene. With an ever-growing collection of murals, sculptures, galleries and more, San Marcos has created a thriving culture for art lovers and artists alike.

Pleasant and Colorful Surprises Around Every Corner

san marcos mural

Photo: Facebook/toursanmarcos

Some of the newest artistic additions to the downtown area are the mini murals. A whimsical and ever-growing collection, the mini murals can be anything from a grackle in a door frame to a couple of mice in love in the Tap Room parking lot. While on your search, watch out for Cupid! Armed with his arrows, he’s ready to make any unsuspecting couple strolling down Kissing Alley fall in love!

San Marcos’ murals are a pleasant and colorful surprise that are often located behind buildings or in alleys, and some are smaller delights hidden in plain sight. You can spend quite a few hours exploring the city and finding them all. How many of them can you find?

San Marcos Has a Thriving Art Scene


Photo: Facebook/toursanmarcos

San Marcos has quite the collection of large-scale murals that celebrate the city’s unique culture. You can’t miss the beautiful mermaid mural on the side of Root Cellar’s catering building, the local flora and fauna painted on the Southside Community Center, or the stunning murals that wrap the bathrooms at Children’s and Crook’s Park. No trip to San Marcos would be complete without a photo in front of the vibrant 78666 mural on the side of Shade Rooftop Patio Bar in Kissing Alley! To go on your own San Marcos mural hunt, visit for more information.

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