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New Music Festival in Plano Receiving Criticism for Possibly Becoming the Next Fyre Fest-like Fiasco

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Earlier this year, Fyre Fest became a highly publicized music festival disaster. What was supposed to be a “luxurious” fest full of the finer things on a “private island” with major music act headliners turned into a PR nightmare with no lodging, no music, and no food.

Now, eyebrows are raising at a new music festival that’s supposed to take place September 8th to 9th in Plano, Texas. According to their website, Star Fest will have “Hip Hop to Country to EDM” acts, but so far, only three artists are slated to appear – Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, and Artful. Yet, tickets are already on sale with pricing from $85 for a one-day general admission pass to $1,250 for two-day VIP Galaxy passes.

Despite the less-than-full lineup and website, co-founder David Taylor told D Magazine that people shouldn’t worry about Starfest becoming the next Fyre Festival. “With Fyre Festival, you had a group of guys with no contingency plan…We know what we’re accomplishing,” he said. Though he states they’ve been planning the fest for a long time, they only began promoting it this month.

“Starfest is dedicated to presenting a world—class celebration of the musical arts by creating timeless and adventurous productions that stimulate arts education and foster economic growth,” the festival’s website reads. People will certainly be watching to see how it unfolds in Plano in early September.