Musicians Play Star Wars Theme Outside Composer John Williams’ House

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You may not recognize John Williams right away, but you know his work well. Williams composed hundreds of movie scores including the music to “Jaws,” “Schindler’s List,” and most famously, “Star Wars.” He has even been nominated for over 50 Oscars. With such an incredible talent for making unforgettable music, Williams has earned devoted fans, two of whom played a short concert outside of the composer’s home last week.

The fans’ YouTube post called it a “spontaneous decision” for the pair to perform the theme to “Star Wars” on the sidewalk in front of Williams’s house. Bryce Hayashi, only 13 years old, played the trumpet, while Michael “Mickle” Miller played the flugelhorn. Their talent is obvious as they proudly play the instantly recognizable tune.

Luckily, a camera person caught the sight on tape. Especially since John Williams himself actually came outside with a smile on his face to say “hi” to the musicians! The look on the boys’ faces is priceless. What a once-in-a-lifetime surprise for two fans of Williams’ iconic music.