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MuttNation & Lambert Rescue Four-Legged Friends Following Harvey

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In her usual, straightforward fashion, Texas country music singing sensation Miranda Lambert, together with her MuttNation Foundation team, aided in rescue efforts in Houston on August 29, transporting over 70 dogs to safety in dry shelters following Hurricane Harvey. Making landfall in Texas on August 25, the storm took its fury out on the fourth-most-populated American city, showing little mercy for days, damaging 100,000 homes at last count, and leaving families devastated.

MuttNation & Lambert Rescue Four-Legged Friends Following Harvey

Photo: Instagram/Miranda Lambert

Arriving on Monday, August 28, the MuttNation team immediately set to work in Houston with as much of a game plan as could be possible, and Lambert joined her pro-active team the following night. Founding MuttNation Foundation in 2009 together with her mom, Beverly Hughes, the Lindale, Texas native took to her social media accounts that night, posting to Snapchat and Instagram with a number of relevant hashtags, bringing light to the plight of not only humans, but the number of southeast Texas pets that would be stranded or worse when the foul weather conditions. Posting images of pets as well as MuttNation volunteers, she asked followers for their continued support and donations as the group worked to assist America’s four-legged friends.

MuttNation & Lambert Rescue Four-Legged Friends Following Harvey

Photo: Facebook/Miranda Lambert

On her Instagram account, she noted, “Update! Thanks to some amazing transportation volunteers…We sent over 70 pups to our shelter in Oklahoma today. Our rigs are now rolling into Houston for another load. Continue to send prayers and donations. @muttnationfoundation #hurricaneharvey #linkinbio” According to The Guardian, following Harvey’s devastation, the death toll had reached 35 by Thursday, August 31, and was expected to climb, and Business Insider pegs cleanup and repair at an estimated $100 billion. If you would like to assist MuttNation in their part of the efforts to assist following Hurricane Harvey, please visit their website at muttnation.com/foundation.


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