“My America” is This Country Star’s Perfect Anthem for Believing in a Better Tomorrow

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The latest single from rising country music sensation Valerie Ponzio is titled “My America.” It’s a poignant tribute to this beautiful country of ours, a nation that at times seems under fire with so much despair and turmoil, but still holding its head up high, knowing that tomorrow brings the hope of brighter days ahead.

Ponzio, with her gripping lyrics and enticing vocals, brings you into each verse of the song as it pulls at the heartstrings of your soul, uniting us all under the umbrella of camaraderie we call America-“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” Valerie hails from the town of El Paso Texas and is garnering the attention of thousands with her “powerful voice and guitar chops to boot,” as her website shares. “She’s got a story to tell,” and folks are listening from Texas to Nashville and beyond.

My America (Official Lyric Video) - Valerie Ponzio

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Posted by Valerie Ponzio on Monday, January 29, 2018

You may remember Ponzio from her appearance on Season 12 of the Voice were she made an impression on all the judges garnering a 4-chair turn. “Valerie is unique, you know she’s got a very earthy, very different quality about her sound,” Blake Shelton said. “I love that kind of Americana storyteller voice that she has.”

Since her appearance, Valerie hasn’t stopped knocking down doors and breaking barriers. She’s creating music that resonates and hits home on many levels. “My America” is just the latest in a string of hits making waves across the board. “The song has been viewed on Facebook nearly a quarter million times,” shared her press. It couldn’t have been released at a better time, giving fans inspiration and hope to believe better for our country.

"My America" is This Country Star's Perfect Anthem for Believing in a Better Tomorrow

Photo: Facebook/Valerie Ponzio

Ponzio went on to share the deep meaning behind the song as it depicts her experience growing up in a Texas/Mexico border town.  “My parents didn’t come from wealth and they had to work very hard to make it. They were grateful despite hard times and reminded us of the struggles our grandparents endured to get us to this point,” says Valerie. “We never forgot where we came from or lost our connection to our heritage. I am a mix of cultures and experiences and that dynamic is what America means to me.”

It’s clear her music is steamrolling on ahead with no end in sight. Her powerful voice, along with her talent on guitar, and her songwriting skills are just the beginning of more endearing hits such as “My America.” The song is a perfect tribute to listen to this Memorial Day weekend as you honor those who fought to protect our freedom.

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“My America” is now available on- iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.