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These Mysterious Towers are Popping Up Around Downtown Houston

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Discovery Green already has one of these complicated-looking towers, and according to ABC 13, more are and will continue to pop up at “airports, NRG Stadium and the city’s larger hotels” in Houston. Verizon owns the structures, and they’re meant to add an extra boost to Houstonians’ and visitors’ cell phone service when the city’s population swells during the upcoming Super Bowl weekend.

Similar to the temporary structures that were put up for the inauguration in Washington D.C., these pillars don’t look exactly like permanent cell phone towers. They’re much shorter and have rather bulbous forms at the top. Though they’re not exactly pretty to gaze upon, they should provide much better service during a time where cell phone use will be at a high. Verizon spokesman Corrie Poole told the news, “Folks like to do things like Facebook and post pictures and video, so we will be prepared for that.”

Verizon had a few issues during the San Francisco Super Bowl in 2015. Ludwig Chincarini told CBS he wasn’t thrilled with the tower installed next to his home. “I mean, the antenna is on the pole ten feet in front of my house,” he said. So far, it doesn’t look like any of the Houston towers will bother residents.