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NAACP Asks Judge to Shut Down ‘Sick’ Arlington School Until the Source of Illness is Found

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Students, teachers and even the principal at Nichols Junior High School in Arlington have fallen ill after spending time in the school. In early February, the Star-Telegram reported that tests came back positive for nontoxic mold in the building and for “dirty sock syndrome,” which means that the smell is unpleasant and can lead to a bit of discomfort, but it’s not threatening. But those who experienced the symptoms of “headaches, dizziness, nausea and tingling or numbness in the extremities” say that the ordeal is being downplayed.

The NAACP agrees, and now they’re suing the school district and asking them to close the school until some concrete answers are found. Arlington NAACP President Alisa Simmons told CBS DFW, “It’s a human rights and a civil rights issue…[The district] ought to be ashamed. So if they’re not going to advocate and provide a safe and humane educational environment for those students, we’re going to fight for those people.”

District spokesperson Leslie Johnston says they don’t believe it’s just mold either, and they’re taking everything very seriously. They’ve tried replacing air conditioning coils, carpet, a copier, and plumbing materials. “Just as the staff and families are frustrated we’re also frustrated,” she said. Hopefully, the mystery can be solved soon so students and teachers will be able to focus without feeling ill in their school.